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State Of The Art Senior Care

Although Springdale Village relies on time-tested, hands-on therapeutic approaches to recovery, we also seek out new innovations and high-tech therapies that can help us improve the outcomes for our patients.

Some of the innovative treatments we provide include:

  • Use of state-of-the-art Nautilus® equipment for strength training
  • Advanced technologies to reduce pain, treat swallowing disorders, aid cognitive function, develop gross & fine motor skills and improve balance and coordination
  • Advanced modalities offering treatment options such as: electrical stimulation, ultrasound and/or short wave diathermy that can assist in wound healing, treat muscle spasms, treat pain, urinary incontinence, edema, joint stiffness, increase range of motion and reduce contractures

Video Rehab

Sony® Wii and Nintendo® video games can help break up the monotony of repetitive rehabilitation treatments with interactive games that are both therapeutic and fun. These games aid in promoting the balance and coordination that are critical components to improving safe and functional mobility. We look forward to the opportunity of demonstrating the fun and enjoyment of increasing your core stability and improving your balance and coordination through our Wii-hab program.


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